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Puan Maharani Hopes P20 Generates Real Steps to Overcome Climate Change

The Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. (H.C) Puan Maharani hopes that on the occasion of P20 which is a series of activities of the 8th G20 Parliamentary Speakers’ Summit (P20) which will be officially opened tomorrow, Thursday (6/10), later they can formulate an agenda that can improve the ability of each country to respond. and face various global problems.

According to him, now is the time for world countries to act to reduce global emissions, accelerate the transition to renewable energy, and implement financial assistance and technology transfer for developing countries.

“Extreme weather, droughts, floods, natural disasters keep happening one after another and they happen more often. Global warming has reached 1.1 degrees Celsius. We must have a sense of urgency,” said Puan in her speech at the Parliamentary Forum in the Context of the G20 Parliamentary Speakers’ Summit (P20) at the Nusantara II Building DPR RI, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (5/10/2022).

Puan assessed that the world needs to build people-centered climate change mitigation. “People-centred mitigation starts with building awareness and commitment to preserve and support nature and the environment. In the next stage, a common will is required in building a world order of industrial ecosystems and an economy that is friendly to the environment,” he explained.


Puan said that it was necessary to change the way of thinking that humans not only took from nature, but also had to restore nature back to a good ecosystem. Then, realistic and real cooperation between nations and countries is also needed to be able to touch the core problems.

“That is managing global economic competition and industry that can contribute to environmental recovery. Industry not only takes from nature but also must be able to restore its recovery. A mitigation program with recovery carried out systematically and massively,” said Puan.

Parliament is also required to be increasingly aware of its strategic role in strengthening international cooperation between parliaments for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Puan said that the issue became one of the common concerns, including at the 144th IPU General Assembly Session which was held in Bali last March.

In supporting the mandate of the international parliamentary forum, the Indonesian House of Representatives, he continued, has taken concrete steps to support climate change mitigation and adaptation by strengthening sustainable development and a green economy.


This concrete step was realized by proposing the New Energy and Renewable Energy Bill (RUU EBET) as an initiative proposed by the DPR RI. In addition, the DPR RI complex itself will also start using solar cells to meet 25 percent of the electricity needs in the DPR building.

Finally, Puan hopes that the very strategic P20 meeting can take real commitments and steps in mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change. In addition, it is also related to the complexity of global problems that require the joint work of all parties. Not only the government, but also the parliament, the private sector, academia, or civil society.

“Hopefully today’s discussion, the P20 Inter-parliamentary Forum on the role of parliament in strengthening multilateralism in the 21st century and climate change mitigation can produce a productive common agenda,” said Puan.


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