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Vice Minister Angela Invites Delegates to Make WCCE a Momentum to Drive Global Creative Economy Recovery

Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy/Deputy Head of Tourism and Creative Economy, Angela Tanoesoedibjo, invites the delegates of the World Conference on Creative Economy (WCCE) which takes place on October 5-7, 2022, in Bali as a momentum to drive the recovery of the global creative economy sector.

During the Opening Session Friends of Creative Economy WCCE 2022 at the Bali International Convention Center-Westin, Nusa Dua, Bali, Wednesday (5/10/2022), Vice Minister Angela explained that the third international creative economy conference is expected to become an action to revive and recover the global creative economy sector.

“I invite the delegates that our discussion today will be an action and become an engine that drives the global creative economy to fight, not only as a driver of creative economic recovery, but also for global economic recovery and as a vehicle for achieving sustainable growth for all,” according to Angela.

She also explained that during the pandemic, the creative economy sector was affected by the pandemic, just like other sectors. However, of the 17 creative economy sub-sectors, there are several sectors that have even risen in the midst of the pandemic.


“For example, during the pandemic in Indonesia, content-based grew 10 percent and the digital-based creative economy 4 to 5 percent. In other creative industries, we see the industry coming back strong. And for the first time in history, the local film market share in higher at 61 percent,” Angela explained.

She also still saw growth in several creative economy sub-sectors, rapid recovery in others, when technology plays a role and intellectual property is properly valued as an asset. Going forward, we will also see the rise of social entrepreneurship that strengthens the value chain of the creative economy to be more responsible for social and environmental development as well as inclusiveness towards women, youth, and marginalized group.

“However, I believe there is still a lot of room to grow and take advantage of it by continuing to promote a supportive environment in our respective countries and recognizing the source of great opportunities and growth after the pandemic from the creative economy,” she added.

Vice Minister Angela also explained four sub-themes in front of the delegates, which are expected to produce important points for the recovery of the creative economy sector after the pandemic.


The four sub-themes are “Pertinent Issues and Progress on Creative Economy”, “Resilient Creative Economy for Global Goals”, “Global Creative Economy: What’s Next?”, and “Introduction of Creative Economy Roadmap”, in which, we will introduce the Bali Creative Economy Roadmap draft” that will be a reference document for this year’s WCCE results.

She explained four sub-themes that are expected to produce important points for the recovery of the creative economy sector after the pandemic. The first sub-theme is “Pertinent Issues and Progress on Creative Economy”, which will discuss the current state of the creative economy, including ecosystems, communities, setbacks, progress, and creative economy opportunities in the future.

The second is related to the “Resilient Creative Economy for Global Goals”, namely the inclusiveness and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agendas to encourage the resilience of the creative economy sector to answer global issues.

The third is “Global Creative Economy: What’s Next?”, in which, all parties will explore the direction of the creative economy together and look for common ways to overcome challenges and welcome prospects in this sector.


“Lastly, is the ‘Introduction of Creative Economy Roadmap’. This is where we will introduce the ‘Bali Creative Economy Roadmap draft’ which will be the reference document for this year’s WCCE results,” she added.

In short, Angela said, this draft consists of 16 action pillars that map the priorities of the creative economy for global recovery. “We invite the delegates to collaborate in finalizing it as a result document for this year’s WCCE,” she continued.

Previously, Angela also expressed her gratitude for the arrival of delegates from various countries to Bali in the midst of their tight schedule but still present on the Island of the Gods which offers hospitality, natural beauty, and culture.

“On behalf of the Government of Indonesia and the team, we thank you for your presence in Bali. I hope that the delegates can find time to enjoy the natural beauty of Bali and experience the famous Balinese hospitality,” she said.


“Creative economy is a strong source of resilience in the world amidst the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) era. I would also like to thank our colleagues at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our partners from day one,” Angela said.

She was also confident that the meeting and discussion at the WCCE would result in concrete actions that would become the engine of the global economy. “I believe that the creative economy will gain momentum as a global recovery effort. Not only as a driver for economic growth but also to achieve sustainable growth for all,” she concluded. Also attending the occasion were the echelon I and II officials within the MOTCE.


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