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Vice Minister Angela Attends Welcoming Dinner for WCCE Delegation at Pasifika Museum, Bali

Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy/Deputy Head of Tourism and Creative Economy Agency, Angela Tanoesoedibjo, attended the Welcoming Dinner for World Conference on Creative Economy (WCCE) Delegation organized by Traveloka.

She looked elegant wearing a brown and black batik dress when arriving at the Pasifika Museum, Nusa Dua, Bali, Wednesday (5/10/2022). Angela was greeted by Traveloka CEO, Albert, who wore Balinese traditional clothes complete with udeng (Balinese traditional headband) around his head.

The Pasifika Museum was chosen as the location for the dinner because it was considered to a have high creative economic value. This museum also features various cultures from countries in Asia and the Pacific, as well as various kinds of cultural artifacts. The Pasifika Museum was founded in 2006 by Moetaryanto and Philippe Augier.

This museum stores many items related to art, there are more than 600 works of art by 200 artists from 25 countries. Therefore, inside this museum there are many galleries with various categories.


The Vice Minister Angela also had time to look around the museum, and see the items and collection of paintings that are divided into groups from various countries.

Then, during the gala dinner, Angela and the delegation were treated to Balinese typical cuisines with special tea drinks. In addition to the typical culinary delights of the Island of the Gods, cultural attractions were also served to entertain the guests and delegates present.

The initial attraction was the Makepung Dance, which was performed by Jegog Jembrana. Makepung Dance is a typical dance from Jembrana Regency, Bali.

This dance tells about a herd of buffalo waiting for food from the shepherd. Every word from the shepherd turned into a command for the herd of buffalo.


In closing, the Ramayana Kecak dance ballet was performed as the ultimate entertainment for the guests and delegates present. Also accompanying the Vice Minister on that occasion were the echelon I and II officials within the MOTCE.


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